Dominating WFH

Dominating WFH

19th Mar 2020

For some, working from home is just another day while for others, this is new territory. If this is your first time, then we've got some tips that will help you dominate WFH! 

1. Prepare your workspace!

Find a spot in your home with enough space for your work supplies. We also recommend a space with limited distractions, but lots of natural light! You might also want to have more than one work space to break it up! With that said, be sure to take breaks!

2. Take a break!

Avoid cabin fever & be sure to take short breaks outside! (remember, though, to keep up with social distancing) Nature is great for your mental health and your immune system! Also, we suggest taking your snack or lunch breaks in a different room to keep work separated and some routine. 

3. Stick to your routine!

Getting up at your regular time and getting dressed will not only help with productivity, but will make you feel confident! Swap out your pajamas and sweats for these equally comfy pieces!

Swapping The Pajama Top For...

Trust us, we want to reach for our favorite worn in sweatshirt too! But these basics are the perfect replacements, still comfortable while adding a much cooler look to your WFH fit.

Wild Child Graphic Tee

Add your fave blazer & hop on that conference call! (No one has to know whats on the bottom.) Shop it now with free shipping!

Ribbed V Neck

A favorite basic is a v neck ribbed tee! We love it in this yellow, adding some much needed sunshine to your workspace! Send it straight to your door with free shipping here!

Ruched Crop Top

Really elevate those sweatpants or leggings with this cute ruched crop top! Available here with free shipping!

Swapping Out Leggings For...

You don't want to wear leggings everyday. Ok, maybe you do, but we promise these alternates are still great for the couch! 

Frayed Waist Denim

A good, comfy pair of denim is WFH staple and great for your everyday looks (because trust us, this will pass! We will be out and about soon!) Check them out here and enjoy free shipping!

Paper Bag Waist Shorts

Extremely comfortable, these shorts are perfect to keep ya feeling confident and productive! Shop them here (and other available shorts) with free shipping!

Flowy Romper

This romper is not the obvious WFH choice, but hear us on top for those video chats, comfy on the bottom AND access to your home bathroom ;)  See for yourself here with free shipping!

Working from home can be challenging, babes! Remember, we got you & we're all in this together!