#ForemaBabe Highlight :  BTS Babe

#ForemaBabe Highlight : BTS Babe

24th Apr 2019

With The BabeBox approaching it's 1 year Birthday, we wanted to highlight one of three babes that not only makes The BabeBox happen, but pretty much all of Forema's BTS operations- OfficeBabe Allie! 

Pictured Right

For the past 4 years, she has been keeping our amazing stores full of beautiful clothes, bringing our events to life, and making sure Forema stays in the 21st century with with our new website launch ;) While she doesn't love the spot light, she did agree to share some insights on what she's loving from our new site & some BTS secrets! 

Q. What gets ya going in the AM?

"I'm a pretty big morning person, so it doesn't take much to get me out of bed! Once I get in the office, I start my day with a venti cold brew & a quick morning chat with my fellow OfficeBabes Jenn & Sarah about our night or what we watched on tv the night before!"

Q. What is in your ShopForema.com Cart?

"Of course The BabeBox (but I've already ordered mine for this month) so right now, definitely the striped tie waist top! It is a little bit of a joke around here that I tend to buy ALL the stripes! I am a huge fan of the blush pink for spring! Paired with my favorite denim, it is a super easy look to go from the Forema HQ to happy hour (see guilty pleasure below!)"

Q. Can you tell us a Forema BTS secret?

"My Forema BTS secret is that every ForemaBabe really IS that nice! All of the babes that work at Forema are the sweetest, most stylish, and kind girls! An office BTS secret is that OfficeBabe Jenn has been my best friend since we were seven years old! The rapport makes it super easy to come up with all the fun things to bring to Forema, plus, there is never a shortage of laughter in the office!"

Q. What is your guilty pleasure?

"My guilty pleasure is a cold glass of pinot Grigio and a huge cheeseboard for dinner! I will never say no to either!"