#ForemaBabe Highlight :  Meet ForemaBabeAllurah

#ForemaBabe Highlight : Meet ForemaBabeAllurah

21st Mar 2019

Yesterday marked the official First Day of Spring and with a new season comes a new #ForemaBabeHighlight! This month, we are highlighting the most friendly, outgoing, sweetest ForemaBabe manager- Allurah! 

For the past two years, you've been watching her spread good vibes to all our customers in the Waterford Lakes store! She's always running around, chatting with all our customers, so it was pretty hard to catch her for a minute, but we finally did it! Here's what we found out! 

Q. What gets ya going in the A.M?

"I have to start each day with a smile or laughing- there are just so many things to be happy about, so I always try to make each day better than the one before! So, I definitely start with my favorite morning talk show. They feature a segment called 'The Second Date Update' here on our local station in Orlando and I'm absolutely OBSESSED!  Also, seeing my ForemaBabes always helps add happiness and joy to my day! And if I still need more, then of course a good ole morning jam-out session always helps!"

Q. What is your favorite part of working for Forema?

"My love for ALL people and cultures drew me to Forema (and the fact that I'm a chatter box definitely helped with that lol.). But I didn't expect to meet such genuinely caring and kind people that never fail to support each other! Each ForemaBabe brings a unique feel to the store and always good vibes! I just love how diverse we are as beings! You can find yourself a new BFF with any girl you meet at Forema and its so nice to make these lifelong connections LITERALLY everyday! And a huge bonus is working with Sarah, The OG Boss Babe! She is my inspiration in life because of the leadership and love she instills in all of us babes!"

Photo By Regina Crocker

Q. What spring trends are you looking forward to?

"O.M.G don't get me started on the florals! I absolutely love a good floral romper or sun dress! An added slit or cut out is the cherry on top! We actually just got in the most STUNNING pale blue floral maxi at the store! I've had a girl crush on that dress from the moment I saw it!"

Q. What is your guilty pleasure?

Um... okay there is NO WAY I can answer this with just one thing! First and foremost, TACOS! I literally look forward to Tuesday every week just so I can submerge myself in guac and queso! Second would definitely be Ben & Jerry's "Half baked" ice-cream- let me just tell you IT IS LIFE. A heavenly pairing of cookie dough and brownie pieces and its not just like two or three pieces, GIRLS try it and tell me it didn't give you wings!"


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