#ForemaBabe Highlight :  The OG ForemaBabe

#ForemaBabe Highlight : The OG ForemaBabe

11th Jan 2019

In 2019, we want to show more transparency. That's the goal and mission behind our new website launch- giving you babes a more BTS look into Forema & our ForemaBabes. To kick it off, we've done a little Q&A with the ForemaBabe behind it all- the one and only, Sarah! 

Sarah pictured right

Many of you know that Forema Boutique is privately owned, but by who?? That would be our fearless leader, Sarah. Sarah started off when she was just 21, opening our flagship store in Gulf Coast Town Center in Fort Myers, Florida. Sarah wanted to provide a place where girls felt comfortable, excited & confident and that mission took off and made it's way to Orlando! Now, with 3 locations & an amazing team of ForemaBabes, let's get to know her a little better!

Q. What gets you going in the A.M?

"Truly, my dog Lola! She is definitely a morning pup, ha! 
But seriously, I love the mornings. It's a start to a brand new day, where anything is possible!"

Q. What's the last purchase you made from Forema?

"The charcoal, plaid boyfriend blazer! I'm obsessed! I
it's easy to pair with everything in my closet 
and it makes every outfit look polished. 
Plus, it's oversized and that's literally my go-to every day!"

Plaid Boyfriend Blazer

Q. Who's the one person who always believed in you & encouraged you?

"Other than my dog, ha, my mom- duh! 
Moms are always pushing us to keep going, no matter what! 
She's the best! She has always worked harder than anyone I know
and she never gives up.
She's really instilled that in me."

Q. What's your fashion secret?

"Every time you shop, try on at least two styles
that feel out of your comfort zone.
Having a specific style is great, but you can really
surprise yourself when you just give it a try
and step away from what you know.
This will really change your fashion life- promise!!"

Q. What is the best advice you've ever been given?

"This is a tough one because i have been fortunate enough to meet some really amazing people who offered equally amazing advice! I'd say my top 3 are: Anything is possible, never give up, & you CAN have it all"

Q. What is your guilty pleasure?

"I don't think you should feel guilty over the 
things that give you pleasure, so I'm happy to admit
that I have a very strong, very real obsession with buffalo sauce.
I've even been known to suggest eating it to cure a cold, ha ha!"

Happy Friday, Babes!