#ForemaBabe Highlight : The Party Babe

#ForemaBabe Highlight : The Party Babe

12th Jul 2019

As Coolio once said, "Ain't no party like a Forema party, cuz a Forema party don't stop!" ;)

Ok, a little corny and a little much, we know, but when it comes to parties & events, this #OfficeBabe never disappoints! 

Pictured Right

You might recognize this ForemaBabe from our Insta office takeovers! When she is not giving you BTS sneak peeks, she is literally RUNNING everything behind the scenes. From our social media to our event planning, OfficeBabe Jenn keeps us active and involved in our communities, and like we mentioned, throws one heck of a party! We're excited hear a little bit more about her & her events!

Q. What gets ya going in the AM?

"I'm an early bird! I have never been one to stay up too late, so I naturally get up around 6:30 am everyday. Since I don't have to be into work until 9:00 am, (and as I said, I don't stay up late) I like to watch my Real Housewives on DVR from the night before! Nothing gets ya going in the AM like some drama from the Big Apple!"

Q. What has been your favorite Forema event you've planned?

"Thats a real tough one because I truly love them all! This summer, I brought back our workshops & classes for our Summer Series which I love because we really get to connect with local artists & it brings in a lot of people who have never heard of Forema! For example, our Alcohol Ink Workshop- meeting Arielle with Lemesto & being able to teach it in two different cities is super cool for us! With that said, I really love our Winter Park Interactive Fashion Show! It's super stressful before hand, but the outcome is so fun that its all worth it!! Last year, we did an interactive Clue theme & the models were so impressive with their acting skills and everyone just had an amazing time! It was a real who dun it!!"

Q. What is your event planning secret?

"Well, first and foremost, you need to be really organized and if you're lucky enough like us, you need an amazing team! After that, I would say there are two secrets or tips! 1. You have to always treat it like its your party & you are the host! Whether you're actually going to be there or not, you want to make sure everyone feels super welcomed and comfortable, just like hosting in your home. And (#2) I think you accomplish that by the details. Like no matter how big or small the event is, we always send out invites & we always have our free gifts with thank yous attached. We try to have lots of food & drinks and just really make sure everyone is having a good time!"

Q. What is your guilty pleasure?

"So, a long time ago, I read an interview with Cameron Diaz and she said 'you should never feel guilty about something that gives you pleasure', so I try to live that way. However, I also try really hard to not eat fast food, but every now & then Burger King gets me with the Chicken Fries!"