Quarantine Log: #OfficeBabeAllie

Quarantine Log: #OfficeBabeAllie

15th Apr 2020

Happy Wellness Wednesday, everyone! #OfficeBabeAllie (if we haven't met, click here for a little more about me!) here with a peek into the day in the quarantined work life for me!

April 15, 2020

8 am-ish
Wake up and realize I have slept later than I planned! My schedule has been so thrown off lately, that I am going to sleep too late!

8:05 am
Roll out of bed and put on gym clothes. One thing that helps me is getting dressed for the day (even if that means stretchy pants and tank tops!). I am much more likely to get moving later on if I already have my gym clothes on.

8:30 am
Pour my coffee into a tumbler and go on a leisurely walk around my neighborhood. I listen to podcasts or talk on the phone to a friend. This is kind of my “commute”. I use this time to get in the work headspace and get some fresh air! When I get back, I'm ready to work!

9 am-10 am
E-mails & tying up any of yesterdays loose ends! Approximately 1.5 more cups of coffee are consumed during this time.

10 am- 11 am
Zoom call with my co-workers, OfficeBabes Jenn & Sarah! On a typical morning in the office, we usually have our coffee and recap the day before and discuss what’s coming up. I miss our in person chats, but having a morning Zoom meeting gives me a sense of normalcy!

**During this time I am already thinking about what I will be making for lunch**

11 am- 12 pm
Adding new inventory to the website! We have been working like crazy to try and bring the Forema experience to you guys at home! A little BTS on adding new arrivals- it takes a whole team to make it work! The amazing ForemaBabe Allurah has been our fabulous model taking gorgeous pictures; those get sent to OfficeBabe Jenn, our photo editor; and finally, to me, who makes sure all of the information and counts are correct. After that, the new styles go live!

12:00 pm
Time to take a little work break! I hop on the Marco Polo app to crowd source some lunch ideas from three of my best friends. Has anyone else downloaded this app? It’s a video chat app that lets you send quick video messages, but they don’t delete. Our thread of videos is composed primarily of what we are eating and drinking – similar to our real life convos.

12:10 pm
Back to work! Put on a podcast (Gee Thanks, Just Bought It – if anyone is looking for a good podcast rec!) Podcasts have become my “coworkers” the last few weeks!

1:00 pm
Finally lunch time! Per my friends suggestions, I am using leftovers to make quesadillas! I have been using this time to try and get more creative in the kitchen with ingredients I have on hand! Head outside on the patio to eat lunch- I try to separate my workspace from my living space!

1:30 pm
Work on a really exciting new project!! I can’t give it away just yet, but I think you all will really love it! (hint: it involves the Babebox).

**Start to think about what I will be making for dinner. Can you sense a theme here?**

3:00 pm
Walk break! *Insert Meme that says "I now understand why dogs are so excited to go for a walk". I get the typical 3 pm slump and a quick ten minutes around the block is a good refresh!

3:15-5:00 pm
Get orders ready to ship, Babebox prep, supply ordering and more! Also a steady supply of snacks – chips and salsa are my current fave.

5:00 pm & on
Done for the day! Sometimes there are a few tasks that need to be done after hours, but for tonight, I see a glass of Pinot Grigio and a few episodes of Ozark in my future!

Thanks for following along with my Wellness Wednesday! Fresh air, friends (on video) and food is what's keeping me well (and sane) during this crazy time! I hope you all stay safe & healthy, too!


OfficeBabe Allie