Welcome to The BabeBox

Welcome to The BabeBox

29th Nov 2018

As the year comes to a close, we at Forema HQ can't help but feel nostalgic over 2018. It was a year full of firsts for us; new fashion shows, bridal show expos (the cake is insane at those things, babes), music festivals in other states, seriously, so. much. new! But nothing was more exciting than launching The BabeBox!! It is the perfect extension of Forema & every babe needs to try one! Find out what you're missing out on...

So, what is The BabeBox?

Officially, it's a "box filled with one of a kind, Forema surprises! (Because who doesn't love a good surprise!?)" But it's much more than that. We try to select items that give you that piece of Forema everyone loves; those Forema Faves, the must-have pieces, the styles you can't find anywhere else. We then hand stamp our boxes & wrap everything up with a special note from your ForemaBabes! Seal it with a kiss (j.k. its a cute Forema sticker) and send it off to you!


Ok, keep talking...

If we've got ya intrigued, here's one more reason we're obsessed with The BabeBox. There's no denying the power of a staple style or that old faithful piece, but sometimes you get up in the morning, peek into your closet & feel uninspired. The BabeBox is a great way to snap out of that style rut. You may get a box and its a perfect match (yay!!) or there may be times you get a box and think, "hmm, not sure if that's really me". But you give it a try, and guess what?, you end up loving it! That's the beauty of The BabeBox. And if it's just not right for you, we're sure you know someone who could use that extra pick me up gift ;)

Model: Brittney Anne Photo: Faith Danielle

Speaking of gifts!

The BabeBox is the perfect 'treat yourself moment' , but also makes an amazing gift! You can leave a note in the comment section & we'll write it on the card for you! Maybe even throw in a zodiac necklace ;)

Now I gotta have it!

You can order your BabeBox right from our site & we ship it to you for FREE! We ship all over the country, so whether you've visited us once & want more or moved away & miss us, it will get to ya! Expect it at your doorstep the first week of the month as it ships on the first! That means, there's still time this month to get yours ;)